Zang’s Greenhouse

Zang’s Greenhouse is run by Rick Zang, the third generation of his family at the market. The majority of the vegetables are grown by Rick

Wood Street Bread Company

Wood Street is one of Pittsburgh’s finest bread bakeries.  These are hearth baked breads that are hand made and hand molded.  They are made from

Wheel and Wedge Cheese

Pennsylvania is now home to a number of excellent artisan cheese producers.  These cheeses are sometimes hard to find, but are now available at the

Mrs. Jones Multi-Purpose Sauce

Mrs. Jones Multi-purpose Sauce – “Taste what you’ve been missing” Mrs. Jones Sauce is brought to you by none other that Marlene Jones, with help

Kistaco Farm

Tim Hileman and Suzanne Boyce, third generation owners of Kistaco Farm, now run the stand with their oldest daughter, Miranda and her husband Zac. Located

J. L. Kennedy Meat Stand

With five generations of tradition behind them, John and Val Kennedy and their three children currently run the J.L. Kennedy Farm and meat stand. They

Handmade items from Uganda

Margaret Lahaie is pleased to be selling goods that are made by individual artisans in Uganda and are purchased from them at fair prices  These

Greenawalt Farm

Located in West Newton, Westmoreland County, Greenwalt Farm is owned and operated by Ina and John Greenawalt. The farm has been in the family for

Blue Rose Creations

Melanie Brush is Ina Greenawalt’s daughter. She has been a fixture at the market for years now.  In addition to helping her mom run the

Better-Maid Donuts

Better-Maid Donuts are those incredible donuts made in the West End of Pittsburgh.  Some say these are the best donuts in the Burgh!  The problem