Florey Farms

Check out Florey Farms for fresh and nutritious microgreens. Our microgreens are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, making them a great addition to any diet. As a local farm we take pride in providing our community with the highest quality microgreens, grown sustainably and without harmful chemicals. Try our microgreens today and taste the difference.

TC’s Goodies

Stock up on your Favorite Treats Large quantity orders can be made through messaging via Facebook, Instagram or her email.

Jak’s Bakery

Jak’s Bakery connects neighbors and nourishes our community with unique and delicious baked goods, each handcrafted using artisan techniques. With roots in Bulgarian traditions and ingredients like rosehip, tahini, and scratch-made, hand-pulled phyllo dough, we hope to bring back the art and magic of a neighborhood bakery.  We look forward to seeing you at the market! – Molly & Jak

Zang’s Greenhouse

Zang’s Greenhouse is run by Rick Zang, the third generation of his family at the market. The majority of the vegetables are grown by Rick himself, with the exception of a few grown by other Butler County farmers. Rick typically carries locally grown potatoes, beets, carrots, parsnips, squash, onions, cabbage, and greens of all sorts.  Rick also carries a wide variety of Pennsylvania grown mushrooms. Rick does supplement the locally grown offerings with items obtained from the wholesale markets.  But Rick takes great care to select the best products available.  This allows him to have a well stocked stand year round.Rick also specializes in growing beautiful flowers in the greenhouse. These are nice to have anytime of year, but especially around the holiday.

Kistaco Farm

Tim Hileman and Suzanne Boyce, third generation owners of Kistaco Farm, now run the stand with their oldest daughter, Miranda and her future Husband, Dave. Located in Apollo, Armstrong County, Kistaco Farm grows a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.   At the market, they carry many fresh fruits and a great selection of vegetables including locally grown lettuce, cooking greens and broccoli.  Many of these items are available nearly year round. Of course, their specialty is fresh apples and freshly pressed apple cider in the fall and through winter.  Many consider Kistaco cider to be the best in Pittsburgh.  Tim carefully blends different apple varieties to produce a perfectly balanced cider – a mix of sweet and tart.  The fresh cider is available almost the entire year.  Apples are able to be stored and sold through about April of the following year.   During summer months Tim also sells a wide selection of other fruit from his farm, including delicious peaches, nectarines, plums, sweet and sour cherries and blueberries. Products Offered: Background and history with the market Located in Armstrong County, Kistaco Farm has been in operation since 1922.  The 235 acre farm has evolved over the years, and now produces fruits and vegetables.  Tim Hileman, his wife Suzanne, and their three children run the farm today.  They also operate a year-round farm market on the property. As with the farm itself, the history of their association with the East Liberty Farmers Market goes back many years and several generations.  Tim’s grandfather started at the market in 1968, his mother took over for a while, then his brother and cousin.  Tim started running the stand in 1984 after graduating from college. As Tim tells the story, “My grandparents bought the original farm here in 1922, and planted the first apple trees the following year. My parents took over the farm in 1960, and Suzanne and I took it over in 1996. Currently we grow 25 acres of apples, 2 acres of peaches, 1 acre each of blueberries, cherries, and plums, 10-12 acres per year of vegetables, as well as a greenhouse operation. We operate a year-round farm market at our farm which is open M-F, 8 to 5 and Sat. 8 to 2. We have three children, Miranda who has a degree in sustainable agriculture from Berea College, Alex who has a degree in Outdoor Recreation from Ohio University, and Leah has a degree in Equine Science from The University of Findlay.”

J. L. Kennedy Meat Stand

With five generations of tradition behind them, John and Val Kennedy and their three children currently run the J.L. Kennedy Farm and meat stand. They carry a variety of locally raised meat and poultry provided by the Kennedys, their extended family, and a few other local farmers from Butler. The meat itself is steroid and anti-biotic free and federally certified with the USDA. Our family hand-raises beef, pork, lamb, and poultry items year-round for this meat market, and also offers cut, wrapped, & frozen products to be picked up at the Four Seasons Game Bird Farm location.  What makes this meat special is the way in which the meats are raised by every member of our family.  We firmly believe in keeping the human element involved with a hands-on approach to all the daily needs of these pastured animals that graze and are offered hay and the highest quality mix of grains and vegetation like corn, cotton seed, beet pulp, molasses, barley, oats, etc.  This end result of perfectly proportioned marbled meats are softer and leaner.  We promote top quality local meats because we have seen the way it can change the health in people’s lives, especially knowing where the meat comes from and being assured that our meats are all USDA certified.  Our children have learned the work ethic of caring for the daily needs of their beef cattle, hogs, lambs, and poultry, along with the successes of having their meat judged to be champions on many different levels.  Please stop by the J. L. Kennedy Meat Stand on a Saturday morning to support local farming and the conscientious raising of top quality meats.  On a regular Saturday, they carry a selection of chicken, beef and pork. They usually have a special feature each week. It is always a good idea to get there early because they generally sell out.  You can also call early in the week to the farm to put in an order to ensure that you get what you want.  You can reach the farm at 724-898-2316. They take orders Monday through Thursday from 9 AM until 9 PM and on Friday from 9 AM until 6 PM.  You may call the meat stand Saturday mornings to place an order at #412-661-1875.Kennedy Farm poultry is especially popular around the holidays. They have fresh turkeys (of course) capons, ducks and pheasants. Ordering ahead is a must for the holidays. The hickory-smoked local pheasants have clear package sealing to make perfect gifts and additions to holiday food gift baskets. Kennedy’s begin taking orders for them the first week in November.

Greenawalt Farm

Located in West Newton, Westmoreland County, Greenwalt Farm is owned and operated by Ina and John Greenawalt. The farm has been in the family for generations and is best known for its delicious, locally raised eggs. Ina’s other products include cheese and cured meats, as well as assorted jellies and jams.The Greenawalt’s children, Melanie and Brian, sell their own products too. Melanie provides simple mending services and brings in quilts to sell. Brian supplies fresh milk and produce. During winter months, Greenawalt Farm sells locally grown produce, with some acquired from the wholesale markets. Greenawalt eggs are laid by free roaming chickens.  This means they can roam inside the barn and outside.  They are fed a natural diet that consists of field corn, grains such as wheat, barley and oats, vitamins and minerals.  Given their free roaming habitat, they also eat grass, bugs and grains.  They are not fed any additives or preservatives.  The Greenawalt’s supplement the eggs that they produce with some obtained from Amish farmers from Somerset County.   Stop by and talk to Ina and she will tell you all about it! Greenawalt accepts credit, debit and access cards, farmers market produce vouchers, and of course cash Products Offered

Blue Rose Creations

Melanie Brush is Ina Greenawalt’s daughter. She has been a fixture at the market for years now.  In addition to helping her mom run the Greenawalt booth, she also has her own small business that offers mending services and hand made creations.  Melanie offers: General mending services Custom made items Hand made blankets and pillows Pot holders If you would like something custom made, please stop by the Greenawalt’s booth and talk to Melanie.