J. L. Kennedy Meat Stand

With five generations of tradition behind them, John and Val Kennedy and their three children currently run the J.L. Kennedy Farm and meat stand. They carry a variety of locally raised meat and poultry provided by the Kennedys, their extended family, and a few other local farmers from Butler. The meat itself is steroid and anti-biotic free and federally certified with the USDA. Our family hand-raises beef, pork, lamb, and poultry items year-round for this meat market, and also offers cut, wrapped, & frozen products to be picked up at the Four Seasons Game Bird Farm location.  What makes this meat special is the way in which the meats are raised by every member of our family.  We firmly believe in keeping the human element involved with a hands-on approach to all the daily needs of these pastured animals that graze and are offered hay and the highest quality mix of grains and vegetation like corn, cotton seed, beet pulp, molasses, barley, oats, etc.  This end result of perfectly proportioned marbled meats are softer and leaner.  We promote top quality local meats because we have seen the way it can change the health in people’s lives, especially knowing where the meat comes from and being assured that our meats are all USDA certified.  Our children have learned the work ethic of caring for the daily needs of their beef cattle, hogs, lambs, and poultry, along with the successes of having their meat judged to be champions on many different levels.  Please stop by the J. L. Kennedy Meat Stand on a Saturday morning to support local farming and the conscientious raising of top quality meats.  On a regular Saturday, they carry a selection of chicken, beef and pork. They usually have a special feature each week. It is always a good idea to get there early because they generally sell out.  You can also call early in the week to the farm to put in an order to ensure that you get what you want.  You can reach the farm at 724-898-2316. They take orders Monday through Thursday from 9 AM until 9 PM and on Friday from 9 AM until 6 PM.  You may call the meat stand Saturday mornings to place an order at #412-661-1875.Kennedy Farm poultry is especially popular around the holidays. They have fresh turkeys (of course) capons, ducks and pheasants. Ordering ahead is a must for the holidays. The hickory-smoked local pheasants have clear package sealing to make perfect gifts and additions to holiday food gift baskets. Kennedy’s begin taking orders for them the first week in November.