Kistaco Farm

Tim Hileman and Suzanne Boyce, third generation owners of Kistaco Farm, now run the stand with their oldest daughter, Miranda and her future Husband, Dave. Located in Apollo, Armstrong County, Kistaco Farm grows a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.  

At the market, they carry many fresh fruits and a great selection of vegetables including locally grown lettuce, cooking greens and broccoli.  Many of these items are available nearly year round.

Of course, their specialty is fresh apples and freshly pressed apple cider in the fall and through winter.  Many consider Kistaco cider to be the best in Pittsburgh.  Tim carefully blends different apple varieties to produce a perfectly balanced cider – a mix of sweet and tart.  The fresh cider is available almost the entire year.  Apples are able to be stored and sold through about April of the following year.  

During summer months Tim also sells a wide selection of other fruit from his farm, including delicious peaches, nectarines, plums, sweet and sour cherries and blueberries.

Products Offered:

Background and history with the market

Located in Armstrong County, Kistaco Farm has been in operation since 1922.  The 235 acre farm has evolved over the years, and now produces fruits and vegetables.  Tim Hileman, his wife Suzanne, and their three children run the farm today.  They also operate a year-round farm market on the property.

As with the farm itself, the history of their association with the East Liberty Farmers Market goes back many years and several generations.  Tim’s grandfather started at the market in 1968, his mother took over for a while, then his brother and cousin.  Tim started running the stand in 1984 after graduating from college.

As Tim tells the story, “My grandparents bought the original farm here in 1922, and planted the first apple trees the following year. My parents took over the farm in 1960, and Suzanne and I took it over in 1996. Currently we grow 25 acres of apples, 2 acres of peaches, 1 acre each of blueberries, cherries, and plums, 10-12 acres per year of vegetables, as well as a greenhouse operation. We operate a year-round farm market at our farm which is open M-F, 8 to 5 and Sat. 8 to 2. We have three children, Miranda who has a degree in sustainable agriculture from Berea College, Alex who has a degree in Outdoor Recreation from Ohio University, and Leah has a degree in Equine Science from The University of Findlay.”