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Wheel and Wedge

Pennsylvania is now home to a number of excellent artisan cheese producers.  These cheeses are sometimes hard to find, but are now available at the Farmers' Market Cooperative of East Liberty.  Offering cheese at the market is an expansion of the "direct from the farm" concept we have been promoting by bringing coffee in from the Kew Park farm in Jamaica, and olive oil from small farms in California. So when you buy these cheeses you are supporting local family owned farm enterprises.  

We offer about a dozen cheeses every week, and supplement them with seasonal cheeses that will arrive every few weeks.  We buy the cheeses in full wheels.  Pieces are cut to order at the market.  We also offer free samples to make sure you like the cheese before you buy it.  

The Wheel and Wedge booth is operated by the Lagnese Family- David, Cristy, Marco and Maria.

A brief description of each producer is provided below.

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar- Blair County

Clover Creek is owned and operated by David and Terry Rice.  The Rice family raises the cows on their farm, and the milk goes directly into cheese production. The animals have freedom to be outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine.  The cows are able to graze on tasty grass, and relax on green pastures.  The Rices' make the cheese themselves on the farm.  Great care is taken in the production and aging of the cheese.  The cheese is allowed to form a natural rind as the wheels age in their climate controlled cellar.  All this tender-loving care comes through in the flavor of the cheese.

We currently offer several styles- Aged Cheddar, Galen's Good Old (Gouda), and Honduran Harvest (Pepper cheese).

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Common Folk Organics- Lancaster County 

At Common Folk, they like to focus their efforts on a small number of cheeses, but both are extremely good.  Common Folk is a collaboration between two Amish families.  Ivan Lapp raises and milks the cows.  Amos Miller actually produces the cheese.  They make a Jack cheese that has fresh mushrooms and leeks.

God's Country Creamery- Potter County

God's Country Creamery is owned and operated by Mark and Melanie Bachman and their three children. Nestled in the peaceful hills of Potter County, the Bachman's are dedicated to producing high-quality, hand made artisan cheeses.  The cheeses are made on the farm using the all-natural, clean raw-milk, free from artificial growth hormones.  The mountain spring water and lush green pastures on the farm give the milk a fresh and sweet flavor.  The quality of the milk makes the cheese perfectly delicious. The cheese comes in these enormous 20+ pound wheels.

We currently offer two styles- Heavenly Havarti and Ludington Lace Swiss, and Gruyere.

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Hidden Hills Dairy- Bedford County

Hidden Hils Dairy is owned and operated by Lori Sollenberger and husband Rex Knepp.  Lori is the daughter of Ray and Elaine Sollenberger who have maintained a herd of Jersey Cows on the farm dating back to 1955.  In recent years, Lori and Rex began using the milk to make high quality artisan cheeses. All the cheese begins with Milk from the Jersey Cows.  From April through October the cows enjoy wide open pastures and superb nutrition made possible by intensive grazing.  During the winter months they are fed home grown grass and alfalfa hay.  The cheese is made from raw milk and the wheels are aged a minimum of 60 days.  The cheese looks beautiful and has a delicious taste.

We currently offer several styles- Gouda Gold, Allegheny (Alpine style), and Buttercup (Semi-soft Italian Bel Paese style).

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Otterbein Acres Sheep Farm- Cumberland County 

Otterbein Acres is owned by an Old Order Amish family- led by John and Lena Fisher, and their 6 children.  Daughter Katie is the principal cheesemaker, supported by John and Lena.  Son Paul raises cows and produces cows milk for cheese making.  John raises the sheep and produces sheep milk for cheese making.  The farm is located in Newburg, PA in Cumberland County.  The cheese is made with raw milk and is naturally aged.  Everything is done by hand. 

Currently, we carry their Pecorino Romano Sheep milk cheese. This cheese is very popular in the Campania region of Italy where my ancestors came from.  It is very sharp and pungent, perfect to use to grate on pasta dishes.

Riverview Dairy- Clarion County
Riverview Dairy is owned by an Amish family- Sam and Susie Byler and their 7 children.  The farm and dairy is located in Emlenton, PA on the Clarion River.  They milk approximately 45 goats and make artisan goat milk cheese.  They are fed a very natural diet of fresh grasses and locally grown grains.  The goats have a happy stress free life as they are able to graze in the pastures and also have the protection of a barn. They make a variety of different fresh chevre and feta cheese.  They have also started making several varieties of aged tome style goat cheeses.  The aged tome cheeses has been receiving critical acclaim by a variety of chefs in Pittsburgh.

We are currently offer the fresh chevre and feta.  We also offer three  aged tome cheeses- Meadow Belle, Purple Goat and Old Goat.