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Special Update- Farmers' Market Coop of East Liberty

Posted 10/25/2011 9:46pm by Val Kennedy.

I usually only send out one or two messages a week on the farmers market.  But I am sending out this message about an interesting upcoming event that I want share with all of you.

Food writer Mark Bittman is coming to Pittsburgh and giving a talk as part of the LITERARY EVENINGS Monday Night Lecture Series. Mark is a well know author on food and also reports on food for the New York Times.

The lecture is Monday, Nov. 7th at 7:30pm at the Carnegie Music Hall.  There are still general admission tickets and some limited reserved seats available.

To get tickets, call the Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures office at 412-622-8866, or buy online at

Ticket prices are $35 for Orchestra seats; $25 for First Floor and First Balcony seats and $15 for General Admission. Students can come for $10 with student ID.

To learn more about Mark and his writings, please check out his website.

He has authored a new book- Food Matters which looks very interesting.  I have included some information on the book below.

I know many of you that come to the market will really appreciate this talk, so please try to attend.

David Lagnese



Food Matters Meal Plan

Why become a lessmeatarian? For the sake of your health—and the earth’s!

It’s indisputable that if you adjust the proportions of what you consume—emphasizing plants at the expense of animal products and highly processed foods—you’ll improve both your personal health and that of the world.

If you’re ready to eat more sanely, here’s a 7-day meal plan, loosely based on the way I’ve been eating for the last couple of years (you’ll find recipes for these dishes in Food Matters).

Follow this plan as closely or as loosely as you like; the main idea is not to have predetermined days, weeks, or months, but to gradually get to the point where simply cooked (or even raw) plant food dominates your diet. If you reduce the amount of meat in your diet by ten percent a year, for example, in five years you’ll be eating half of what you’re eating now. In the meantime you’ll start feeling better about yourself (and the world) almost immediately.

To learn more, click here, or just pick up a copy of Food Matters.
To print the 7-Day Sample Meal Plan, click here to download the PDF version.

7-Day Sample Meal Plan

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