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Shower Mom with FRESH & LOCAL Products this Weekend!

Posted 5/10/2018 12:29pm by Val Kennedy.
Remember we are open year-round!  Make us part of your 2018 Saturday Morning Routine!
Market Hours
Saturday Mornings 5 am - 12 noon*
*Please note that some vendors don't come in until 7 am*
We hope to see you on Saturday, May 12!  


Below is a list of offerings this week from a few of our vendors:


AM Coffee, Tea & OJ, Grapefruit
Spring into Coffee

  • Coffee Roasted:  4/17/18
  • By the cup:  Small, Medium, Large
    Morning Blend
    Oqkacn Decaf
  • By the bag:  Kicking Horse Coffee
  • Coffees:
    - Kick-Ass : a dark roast
    - Smart-Ass : a medium roast
    - 3 Sisters : a mix of dark, medium, and light roast
    By the cup or bottle
  • Fresh Squeezed Orange or Grapefruit Juice
  • CLARK Candy Bars:  Real Chocolate & Peanut Butter
  • Axel’s Pretzels (Fresh Baked Today)
  • The Attic Items: Espresso Makers, Coffee Mugs, Tea Pots, Candies, Greeting Cards, Kitchen Items



  • We have made the decision to close our woodworking shop. Chris will begin working for local woodworker Bones and All beginning this summer.  Until then, we're offering 10% off our current inventory.  We expect to be at the market only through the end of May, so shop early for the best selection.  
  • PERFECT TIME TO GET A GIFT FOR MOM!  We have beautiful cutting boards and serving boards, perfect for the parties you'll be hosting this summer!  Our handmade wooden children's toys are just the thing for the eco- conscious families in your lives.


Greek Gourmet

  • Stop by to taste up to 20 flavors of hummus!


Greenawalts Farm

  • Rhubarb, Ramps, Asparagus
  • Jerusalem Artichokes
  • Gala & Cameo Apples
  • Flower & Vegetable Plants
  • Herb Plants and Fresh Cut Herbs
  • Flavored Noodles
  • Mother's Day Plants


J L Kennedy Meat Stand has lots of great warm weather meal options and for a special Mother’s Day Weekend!

  • SANDWICH SIZE BEEF BOLOGNA, to slice for sandwiches or for snacks or to cut up into apple mustard glaze over rice = YUM!!
  • THICK BEEF SIRLOIN STEAKS, so many servings and so affordable, best with at least an hour of marinade and is lean, so many salad options
  • LEAN GROUND SIRLOIN, with no draining it is so easy to add broth and veggies over grains, with eggs, or in soft wraps,tacos
  • DELMONICO, PORTERHOUSE, T-BONE STEAKS, are 1” thick. You can specify sizing to us before Thursday evenings, please
  • STANDING RIB ROASTS also need to be specified to us before Thursday evenings, and are available fresh every Saturday
  • LEAN TOP ROUND slices or cubes are great for goulash - type slow cook meals with peppers and tomatoes and onions
  • **SMALL, 100% PASTURE-RAISED HERITAGE BREED ROASTING HENS !!! Yes, they are back and around 4-5# each. Fresh this week!
  • Please call in your orders as soon as possible: To place an order with the Kennedys, please call their farm office at (724) 898-2316. Ordering hours are Monday-Thursday 9AM-9PM and Friday 9AM-6PM, or call the market on Saturdays at 412-661-1875.

Kistaco Farm
Fresh from our fields!

  • Mustard Greens and Arugula available this week!  
  • Vegetable, Herb & Bedding Plants available for weekend gardening! Show Mom how much you love her with our beautiful flowers and herb plants!
  • We still have Apple Cider available!
  • Frozen, pasture-raised chickens available on Saturday!  They are free-range and are antibiotic and hormone free!  Most are between 4 and 5# each. 
  • Pastured Pork Sausage, pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic-free pork grown at Kistaco Farm!  Several types available, all available frozen in ~1# packages.  

NYR Organic

  • Stop by NYR stand for sale items!
  • Also new spring items available.
  • Call for special orders or contact Mary Ann at 412 712 7174


  • Balsamic Vinegars
    • 18 year old barrel-aged balsamic vinegar infused with seasonal fruits and flavors 
  • Olive Oils      
    • First cold expeller pressed extra virgin olive oil infused or blended with herbs and spices
  • Wine Blend Marinades
    • Two wine blended Marinades Chardonnay & Cabernet which can be used to marinate meats, lamb or use as a base for roasting and to drizzle over vegetables.
  • Great gift ideas, save with multiple purchases!


Sweets & Technology

  • Tech Assistance
    • Computers
    • Cell Phones
    • Software
    • Hardware
  • Food Items
    • CLARK Bars:  Real Chocolate & Peanut Butter
    • Axel's Pretzels Organic (Baked TODAY!)
    • Applesauce (unsweetened)
  •   The Attic Items
    • Candies
    • Beeswax Coiled Candles, Red, Green & Natural
    • Espresso Makers, Coffee Mugs, Tea Pots, Kitchen Items & Small Appliances

Wheel & Wedge Cheese Shop

  • Treat your mom to an easy and beautiful cheese plate this year. We’re always happy to recommend and sample cheeses as well as offer pairing suggestions/advice. New to the case:
    - Nettle Fresh Sheep Cheese from Green Dirt Farm (MO)
    - Ludington Lace from God’s Country Creamery (PA) 
    - Burrata from Maplebrook Farm (VT) 
    And more!


  • Rhubarb & Morel Mushrooms!
  • Beans, Kale, Colored Peppers, Zucchini
  • Asparagus, Brussels Sprouts & more!
We hope to see you on Saturday morning!  
Stop to see us at our YEAR-ROUND location:
344 North Sheridan Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206