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Farmers' Market Cooperative of East Liberty Update

Posted 1/27/2011 10:08pm by Val Kennedy.
Hello Friends and Neighbors,

Update for Saturday January 29th

Some people have been asking me recently whether there really are locally grown items still available at the market.  The answer is yes.  So last week I polled all the farmers and vendors to come up with a list of specific items.  I provide a summary below.

Greenawalt Farm
Of course their specialty is locally grown eggs, which are still available.  They also have locally grown squashes, 5 different varieties including spaghetti cooking pumpkins, and acorn.  These have been stored from the fall and will only be available for a few more weeks.

Kennedy Farm Family Meat Stand
Their meat is locally grown in Butler County.  It is fabulous stuff.  Chickens, beef and pork are weekly staples.  This week their specials are:
  • Local lean ground turkey from Butler County
  • Boneless pork loin
  • Beef pot roasts, like rolled rump, sirloin tip, top/bottom round, arm/shoulder roasts and chuck roasts Local honey and bee pollen from Butler County

Please order via phone only*  Please call all orders in to the farm #724-898-2316, from 9am—9pm on Mon-Fri.

The Saturday stand # is 412-661-1875.

They have a lamb day and a veal day coming up.  Both are exceptional probucts.  
Kistaco Farm
They will have 6 to 8 varieties of fresh locally grown apples (from their farm in Armstrong County).  Saturday they had Macintosh, Matso\Crispin, Empire, Jonagold, Red and Golden Delicious and Fuji.  They also have fresh pressed cider that is made with a variety of apples.  This is the best cider available in Pittsburgh, in my humble opinion.  Tim Hileman, the owner of Kistaco said the apples and cider will be available for many weeks to come.

Tim also makes homemade all natural peanut butters.  He will be providing free samples this Saturday.
Zang's Greenhouse
Rick loves to bring in locally grown items from his place as well as other Butler County farmer.  Here is what he will offer:
  • Pennsylvania mushrooms, several varieties- crimimi, shitake, yellow oyster, portabello and of course white button.  Although these same varieties may be available at some grocery stores, these are guaranteed to be very fresh, which is important for mushrooms.  They are also offered at very reasonable prices.
  • Micro greens- grown by a farmer in Butler County
  • Popcorn shoots- quite interesting tasting
  • Red and white potatoes, grown in Butler County
  • Shallots, one that Rick personally grows and boy are they good.  I only discovered shallots a few years ago and they have really expanded my cooking.
  • Rick still has root veggies, but they will only last about 3 weeks more- beets, parsnips, turnips and carrots
  • Celeriac- very interesting looking veggie, I am seeing on the menus of more and more fancy restaurants.
  • Rick also grow potted flowers in his greenhouse, and he brings those in throughout the winter.  They can certainly brighten up a dreary winter day.

Riverview Dairy
The goat cheese that Sam and Susie Byler make up in Clarion County is excellent.  We have several kinds of fresh chevre and a very good goat milk feta.  Many people who sign up for CSAs get it in there boxes throughout the summer, but we are one of the only locations to sell it through the winter.

We also have many other vendors that offer locally made food and prepared items.  Please click on the web site for more details.


Please don't let the cold weather stop you from coming to market. We will be there until 12 noon on Saturday. Hot chocolate and hot coffee will be available.


Please visit our website.  You can sign up for a weekly email update.

David Lagnese

The Farmers' Market Cooperative of East Liberty is located at 344 North Sheridan Ave., adjacent to the Home Depot parking lot.  The market operates year round- and is open from 5 AM until 12 noon every Saturday of the year.