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Farmers' Market Cooperative of East Liberty Update

Posted 1/13/2011 9:42pm by Val Kennedy.
Hello Friends and Neighbors,

The Olio Nuovo is in!
We have been "importing" Extra Virgin Olive Oil from California since last July, and selling it at the "California Olive Oil Connection" at the Farmers' Market Cooperative of East Liberty.

It has been a lot of fun so far and we (along with our customers) have learned a lot about the different oils.  We regularly have 5 different oils on tap at the market.  We fill reusable bottles that we sell, and people also bring their own bottles.  We now have a loyal following that come in regularly to fill their empty bottles.  We provide free samples so people can taste the oils before they buy- and people seem to really like that.

Well this is the time of year when the olives are harvested and milled into oil. "Olio Nuovo" is made when the oil is first pressed, before it is filtered. It is pungent and full of sediment, very rich in color.  It is as much a food product as it is an oil. 

Over the past few months I have been bugging my farmer friends in California to send me some.  I am glad to report that Art Kishiyama has agreed.  Art is a great farmer and a master oil producer located in Paso Robles, California.  The trick to this oil is that it must be milled, blended and shipped immediately.  The oil must also be consumed rapidly- first to capture the fresh taste, and second because the suspended vegetable matter tends to promote spoilage.  This oil was milled 2 weeks ago.

More information on Art and his farm at:

We will be providing free samples of the oil served with goat feta cheese from Riverview Dairy. 

To our knowledge, this is the only oil of this type available in Pittsburgh!


There will be a full complement of farmers and other vendors at the market this Saturday.  So a wide range of vegetables, fruits, eggs, cider and many others will be available.

Kennedy Farm special items for this week include beef stew meat, and a variety of pot roasts (arm roasts, chuck roasts, rolled rump roasts, and sirloin tip roast). Pork slab and spare ribs will also be available.  Please call in orders ahead if you can. Please do not call past 6:00 on Friday. The farm number is 724-898-2316. 

Please visit our website.  You can sign up for a weekly email update.

Don't let the cold weather make you hibernate. Come out to the market, visit with your neighbors and get some great food to take home.

David Lagnese

The Farmers' Market Cooperative of East Liberty is located at 344 North Sheridan Ave., adjacent to the Home Depot parking lot.  The market operates year round- and is open from 5 AM until 12 noon every Saturday of the year.