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J.L. Kennedy Meat Stand Update

Posted 1/30/2013 8:11pm by Val Kennedy.


Update for Saturday, February 2nd...with choice to celebrate Groundhog Day AND/OR the Superbowl!!!!!! either way we have so many options whichever you choose to enjoy!!!!!!


- BEEF ROASTS = eye of round, sirloin tip, shoulder/arm roast, rolled rump, London broil

**please call and specify size

**please keep all calls to our farm between 9am-9pm mon-thurs and 9am-6pm on fridays...

**we'll start taking orders for GOAT at the stand this Saturday and on phone starting Monday at 9am. pick up for NEXT saturday feb 9th. LOIN CHOPS,SHOULDER ROASTS, STEW MEAT,GROUND MEAT, WHOLE SHANKS OR CUT PIECES...Follows our lamb pricing

The number at the farm is 724-898-2316.

J.L. Kennedy Meat Stand

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