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Farmers' Market Coop of East Liberty Update

Posted 10/4/2012 8:28pm by Val Kennedy.

Update for Saturday, October 6th

Its hard to believe that October is here and that we are officially into fall.   It makes me sad to think about the items that are gone, but happy about the new fall items coming on to the market.  For example, I am told that canning tomatoes are now done.  Corn is on its last week or so, so get it while you can.  Eggplants are also almost done.  At the same time squash and apples are pouring into the market.  Concord grapes are still available for another week or so.  The apple cider is flowing.

We had a great crowd at the market last week and hope the momentum will continue.  Its a great time of year to
come and support your local farmers.  There is a lot of new information in the update so please try to give it all a read.

David Lagnese


The Update 

Kew Park Coffee
Its been a while since I have provided a detailed update on the Coffee.  As many of you know, we import our coffee beans directly from a small farm in Jamaica.  Its from the Kew Park Coffee Estate in Westmoreland Jamaica.  The farm is owned and operated by Peter Williams and Gina Green.  After a long application process, we were able to get licensed tp import the unroasted "green" beans.   Our first shipment of beans arrived a few months ago.  We have been searching for a local roaster and are finally in a position to provide an update.

We will be working with Commonplace Coffee Roasters.  Commonplace is owned by TJ Fairchild and his family.  He orginally established his business in Indiana PA, where he also has a retail shop on the college campus.  Commonplace has been making plans to move the roastery to Pittsburgh.  This past Monday they opened the new roastery, and I am happy to report that it is located right in our neighborhood!  They are moving into the new East End Brewing space which is located at 6580 Frankstown Road, only a few blocks from the farmers market.  This new relationship will allow us to roast coffee on a weekly basis and provide very freshly roasted coffee to the community.

To celebrate this milestone, we are planning to have an event at the market in the next few weeks to introduce everyone to TJ and the fols from Commonplace.  We are also trying to organize a coffee roasting demonstration at the roastery.

We are really excited about this relationship and hope that it will take Kew Park Coffee to a new level of exposure in Pittsburgh.  Its also exciting to have a coffee roastery co-located with a brewery, all right in our neighborhood!   More to come on this in next week's update.

To learn more about Commonplace Coffee, check out their website:

Greenawalt Farm

Brian Greenawalt will be making his usual trip to Somerset County this Friday and I expect him to return with a large haul.  Greenawalts will have a lot of fall items such as squash (Many varieties) as well as pumpkins and gourds.  Other items include sweet corn, zucchini, yellow squash,  eggplant (5 varieties) onions, swiss chard, brocolli, cauliflower, and several varieties of peppers.  A few variieties of radishes showed up last week and will be back this week- diakon and champions.  Brian has several varities of regular and sweet potatoes.  The regular potatoes include some beautiful red and purple flesh potatoes. Tomatoes- cherry and grapes are still coming in.  Finally, Brian has some un-blanched celery that has a ton of flavor and is great in stocks and soups.
Fruit wise-  the apples are coming in- galas, red delicious, yellow deliciuous, and others as well as bosch pears.

Expect some surprises.


Sorry we did not get a meat stand update out yersterday like we normally do.  There is still time to call an order in to the farm.

Special items for this week include:


SPECIAL SLICES OF BEEF TOP ROUND cut approx 1.5 inches by 9-10 inches wide...for use with LONDON BROIL.. this less expensive and very lean cut will need to be marinated and/ or treated with an all- over rub seasoning for a good 6-8 hours before grilling, broiling, roasting, can google search many london broil recipes and rubs.

* NEXT WEEK=LAMB WEEK=OCT13 TH...Please order NOW for bone- in or boneless leg of lamb...shanks...shoulder roast or stew meat...loin chops...stock bones

**We are NOW taking orders for fresh thanksgiving turkeys and capon roasting chickens for pick up nov 17 th or wed nov 21 st...

PLEASE DONT WAIT!!! We will run out of your desired size if you dont order EARLY ENOUGH!!

PLEASE RING PHONE CALLS from 9 am - 9 pm mon - thurs & 9 am - 6 pm on friday...our only weekend phone hours are at the market pn sat mornings...thanks again!!


Kistaco Farm... Will have a variety of fruits and vegetables grown on their farm.  The variety of apples available is increasing each week.  Also, fresh Cider is available for the first week this year.  I picked up some cider last week.  I think its excellent this year, so do yourself a favor and pick up a few jugs.:

- McIntosh
- Gala
- Honeycrisp
- Macoun
- Jonathan
- Red Delicious
- Golden delicious
- Mutsu
- Jonagold
- Empire

Sweet Corn
Fresh baked bread from Wood Street Bread Company.  They pick it up from the bakery real early in the morning so you don't have to.

The last few weeks Kistaco has also had some home made items such as salsas and donuts.  Please give them a try.
Zang's Greenhouse...Locally grown items this week include a variety of peppers, eggplant, small tomatoes, hot peppers, fresh garlic, sweet onions, zucchini, beets, micro greens, potatoes, lettuce, shallots.

Rick says that this may be the last week for Sweet corn from McElhaney farm.  In the fruit department- Concord grapes from Erie County are still available, but probably only for another week.  Last week Rick got his first shipment of fresh cranberries from Wisconsin.  He shoule have them through the holidays. 

Rick always has a few surprises.

Hand-made items from Uganda

Margaret will be there on Saturday with many hand made items. 

BANDY Woodworks

..Is a local business that makes children's toys, custom furniture, and other great items for the home (cutting boards, etc).  They use local reclaimed and salvaged wood and non-toxic finishes.  Their booth is on the right when you walk in the front door, directly across from Greenawalt's.  Preview some of the items carried at the market by visiting The newest item for sale is a domino set in its own box. 

Kew Park Coffee Bar

As mentioned above we will have fresh roasted beans and brewed coffee that was roasted by Commonplace Coffee.  In the juice delpartment we have fresh made grape juice that was made with Erie County Concords.  Its only available for a few weeks so get it while you can.

California Connection

We have been waiting for our shipment of dried fruit from Van Dyke Organic Farm in Gilroy, California.  I am happy to report that it has finaly arroved and we will have it at the market on Saturday.  Selections include:


The Greek Gourmet- will have homemade spinach and meat pies at the market each week- in addition to 20+ flavors of hummus.  Stop by and talk to Jack at the booth.


Please visit the market's website for information on the market and all the vendors.  You can sign up for a weekly email update.


The Farmers' Market Cooperative of East Liberty is located at 344 North Sheridan Ave., adjacent to the Home Depot parking lot.  The market operates year round- and is open from 5 AM until 12 noon every Saturday of the year.