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Farmers' Market Coop of East Liberty Update

Posted 11/10/2011 10:17pm by Val Kennedy.

Update for Saturday November 12th

We are all gearing up for Thanksgiving.  And thanfully, the selection of food available at the market is excellent.  There are still many locally grown items, as well as some carefully selected "imports."  I was able to connect with all the farmers today, and here is a summary of the items available this week.

Kistaco Farm 

Kistaco will have 12 varieties of apples this week including:  

Red Delicious
Golden Delicious
Stayman Winesap
Northern Spy

In addition, Pittsburgh's best cider from Kistaco Farm will also be available in 1/2 and full gallons.

Also, Apple Butter will be available.  In the vegetable department, check out the fresh Kale. 


Zang's Greenhouse

Rick from Zang's Greenhouse will have a wide variety of local vegetables, including potatoes, beets, leeks, onions and shallots.  

Rick will also have local lettuce, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage and carrots.  In the fruit department- bosch pears.

Zang's will also have artichokes from California, Cranberries from Wisconsin, and Chestnits from Italy. 

In the flower department- cycleman flowers.

Greenawalt Farm

Brian Greenawalt will come through again with strawberries, yes locally grown strawberries.  Hard to believe this time of year.  I bought a quart last week and they were excellent.  The only problem is that they don't last very long around the house.

Other locally grown items include cauliflower (white and orange), buttercup lettuce, white potatoes, sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts.  Lots of squash is available-  varieties include- Blue Hubbard, Kabocha (Green and Orange), Delicata, Spaghetti, Butternut, Butter Cup and Acorn.  Kohlarabi, and cabbage are available. 

In the fruit department, a few varieties of apples and pears.

I am pretty sure Greenawalt will have some quince available- last of the season.

Finally, Brian will have a small amount of fresh horseradish.

PA Made Cheese

There are a few items to note this week.  

I have been "over-ordering" lately so we have lots of Pennsylvania cheese at the market.

o Fresh curds- from Arsenal Cheese in Lawrenceville

Blue Cheese from Common Folk Organics- amazing stuff from Lancaser County, PA

o Small wheels of Camembert from  Stone Madow Farm, Centre County, PA

We still have some Membrillo (quince paste) and will give away 1oz pieces with a purchase of cheese.


Kew Park Coffee Bar

We will have hot coffee availale as always.  In the juice department we will have fresh squeezed tangerine, orange and grapefruit juice.  


Dried Organic Fruit

Last fall, we started carrying dried organically grown fruit from Van Dyke farm in Gilroy California.  We carried it throut the winter, until fresh local fruit was available.  But we have had a lot of requests for it, so we reordered a new batch from Van Dyke.  This is another family run operation.  I have been working with Peter Van Dyke.

The fruit is certified organic. Its hand grown, picked and processed- then dried under the California sun.  The flavor is incredible.  Blenheim apricots are their signature item, but we also have nectatarines, pears and parsimons. Dried fruit sure beats candy for a snack and kids love them.

Check out the Van Dyne website for more information.


Recipe of the week

The Post-Gazette had a great spread on thanksgiving resipes.  

In particular they have recipes from 9 of our great loal chefs.

Check it out:


Please visit the market on Saturday!

David Lagnese


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